Creating a WordPress Plugin for Text-to-Speech Conversion

Introduction: As technology advances, the accessibility of online content becomes increasingly important. One aspect of accessibility is providing options for users with visual impairments. In this blog post, we will explore how to create a WordPress plugin that converts highlighted text into speech using the ResponsiveVoice.js library. This plugin enables users to listen to the content of a website instead of relying solely on reading. Let’s dive into the features and functionality of this plugin.

Features of the Plugin:

  1. Text-to-Speech Conversion: The plugin utilizes the ResponsiveVoice.js library to convert highlighted text to speech. When users select any text on a page, an icon representing a microphone appears, indicating that the highlighted text can be converted to speech.
  2. Customizable Voice Options: The plugin offers users the ability to choose between male and female voices for the text-to-speech conversion. This allows for a personalized experience based on individual preferences.
  3. Dynamic Icon and Icon Size: The plugin allows administrators to customize the icon used for the text-to-speech functionality. Additionally, administrators can set the size of the icon to ensure it fits seamlessly with the design of their website.
  4. Post Type Control: The plugin provides administrators with the option to select which post types should have the text-to-speech functionality enabled. This flexibility allows for targeted application of the feature, tailoring the experience to specific content types, such as blog posts or FAQ sections.

Code Snippets: Let’s take a look at some important snippets from the plugin’s code that contribute to its functionality:

PHP Code:

// Enqueue necessary scripts and styles
function highlight_tts_enqueue_scripts() {
// Enqueue scripts and styles here

// Get the existing settings

// If no icon is set in the settings, use the default icon

// If no post types are set in the settings, set it as an empty array

// Get current post type

// Pass the settings to your JavaScript code
add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'highlight_tts_enqueue_scripts');

// Add options page to WordPress admin panel
function highlight_tts_add_options_page() {
// Add options page here
add_action('admin_menu', 'highlight_tts_add_options_page');

// Register settings and fields
function highlight_tts_register_settings() {
// Register settings and fields here
add_action('admin_init', 'highlight_tts_register_settings');

JavaScript Code:

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
// if the current post type is not allowed, do not enable the text-to-speech functionality

var ttsIconId = 'highlight-tts-icon';
var iconUrl = // Use the default image if no icon URL is set in the settings
var iconSize = // Use 30px as default icon size if not set in the settings

var voice = // Set the voice based on the settings

$(document).mouseup(function(event) {
var highlightedText = window.getSelection().toString().trim();

if (highlightedText !== '') {
if ($('#' + ttsIconId).length === 0) {
var ttsIcon = $('<img>', {
src: iconUrl,
alt: 'Text-to-Speech',
id: ttsIconId

position: 'absolute',
top: event.pageY - 30,
left: event.pageX - 15,
cursor: 'pointer',
zIndex: 9999,
width: iconSize + 'px', // Set icon width based on the settings
height: iconSize + 'px' // Set icon height based on the settings
}); {
responsiveVoice.speak(highlightedText, voice);

} else {
$('#' + ttsIconId).css({
top: event.pageY - 30,
left: event.pageX - 15
} else {
$('#' + ttsIconId).remove();

By incorporating the Highlight to Speech plugin into your WordPress website, you can significantly enhance the accessibility and user experience for individuals with visual impairments. This plugin utilizes the power of AI and ResponsiveVoice.js library to enable text-to-speech conversion, allowing users to listen to the content rather than relying solely on reading. With customizable options and seamless integration, the Highlight to Speech plugin provides a user-friendly solution that makes your website more inclusive.

Give your users the ability to listen to your content effortlessly with the Highlight to Speech plugin. Install it today and make your website accessible to a wider audience. Just imagine the convenience of being able to listen to any text on a website with a simple highlight. With the Highlight to Speech plugin, you can empower your users with this remarkable feature. By converting highlighted text into speech using the power of AI and the ResponsiveVoice.js library, this plugin opens up a world of possibilities for individuals with visual impairments or those who simply prefer to listen rather than read.

To see the plugin in action, simply highlight any text on a page, and you will notice a microphone icon appearing nearby. Click on the icon, and the highlighted text will be spoken aloud using the selected voice. It’s that easy! Your users can now enjoy a hands-free browsing experience and access your content with greater ease.

Ready to experience the benefits of the Highlight to Speech plugin for yourself? Click the button below to download and install it on your WordPress website. With just a few simple steps, you can provide your users with an inclusive and accessible browsing experience.

Download the Highlight to Speech Plugin

Make a difference in the accessibility of your website today. Install the Highlight to Speech plugin and embrace the power of text-to-speech conversion. Your users will appreciate the convenience, and you’ll be taking a step towards a more inclusive web.


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